What are some of our benefits?

Select us because we are the best in the business. We offer ease of convenience, time-saving, providing helps in eliminating conflicts and avoiding any type of penal interests. In addition, there is an Online & Offline Payment option which makes your EMI payment hassles. The ease of payment is not limited as there are various Payment options available. Some can be listed as follows:

• Net Banking
• International Cards
• Credit and Debit Cards
• Digital Wallets
• Scan & Pay
• Aadhaar Pay
• Cash Cards

Every country suffers from fraud, as each passing the day the fraudsters are becoming smart day by day. Our secure payment gateway system is flexible and can be tailored according to your business needs. With our secured gateway system you don’t need to worry at all since your money is being checked through layers of security so that it reaches the destination safely and soundly. Our secure payment gateway system has a number of features which makes it the best in the business. Some of them can be listed as follows:

• Automatic maintenance of industry templates by specifying sector risk profiles
• Performs cross-parameter checks to detect any suspicious activity which is operated by the technical team.
• Our gateway system has powerful rule set can detect any fraud in real time.
• Using the unique fingerprint method which reduces fraudulent transactions
• Performs real timer behaviour mapping to detect any unusual behaviour

One of the major highlights of our company is that we offer multi-lingual services. Meaning that if you are a locality you will have the ease to use of service and even if you are not there is no need to worry as we come in other languages like English too.

Our features of the service can be divided into four parts and each one has its own level of importance. For instance, our service has separate benefits for financers, benefits for customers, impeccable customer support, offline features, and other benefits

Features for financiers
• Agent management
• Customer management
• Customized dashboard
• Reports collection the form of daily, weekly and monthly
• Remittance of EMI payments to the Bank A/c
• Dashboard
• Can Pay multiple EMIs
• Secure Payments
• Payment can be Anytime Anyway Anywhere
• More than one account can be linked through one mobile number
• Receipt can be generated instantly
• Reports – EMI Payment History
• Loan management
• EMI management
• Reconciliation
• Real-time notifications – SMS, E-Mail
• Customer Management
• Collections Management
• Can pay EMIs off-line by Digital Payments or cash through anyEMI’s handheld device
• Payment is updated in real time
• Instant Paper Receipt for the payment
• Payment details are updated real-time
• Automobile sector
• Government sector
• Housing loan
• Gold sector
• Chit fund instalment
Loans that are considered in our service
• E-commerce loan
• Medical loan
• Utility Bills
• Personal loan
• House appliance Finance
• House tax loan
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